I made my first pie in AGES this weekend.

It was a belated thank-you for C., my classmate who went with me to the vet every day Fatty was sick and who was just the best friend anyone could have asked for throughout the whole ordeal. (And because of dear C., I also now have a soft spot in my hear for PBR and the Virgin of Guadalupe…but I digress.)

C.’s favorite is pecan pie…but I didn’t want to do a plain ol‘ pecan pie, so I opted for Mocha Pecan Pie with Coffee Whipped Cream. (I actually had every intention of making the coffee whipped cream…but it involved purchasing coffee liqueur…and I still have two 750-mL bottles of Hiram Walker’s creme de menthe *and* creme de cacao as a result of that grasshopper pie once upon a time…so I made the executive decision that C. could live without coffee whipped cream.)

All in all? Things went smoothly, I’d say. The crust required both butter and shortening…which is not something I’d done before. I also had to refrigerate it for an hour…and I found it was surprisingly brittle when I tried to roll it out afterward, but my mother says that’s what butter does to a crust. (I was still able to sort of massage out the cracks and fill out the pie pan well enough, I think…)

The filling itself was a snap — melt some butter, throw some stuff in a pan…stir it up and pour it in.

I’ll give her the finished product (sans coffee whipped cream) tomorrow and she has vowed to eat it morning, noon and night until it’s gone. So…we’ll see…


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