A Surprise Guest!

I *thought* I was going to be entertaining my cousin’s husband’s stepbrother this week (who was in town with the Milwaukee Bucks)…but, alas, he had work obligations and so I didn’t get to do much entertaining. I couldn’t remember whether or not he is a vegetarian…and then I realized how great pizza would be in either case and so I *really* wanted to take him to Grimaldi’s. Oh well.

But! I was not forlorn at all as I got a text message on Tuesday night saying, “I’m in NY. U still liv here?” And it was from a friend from England who I haven’t talked to in *3* years…and so I immediately ran up to the Waldorf-Astoria to commence our impromptu visit. There wasn’t much food involved (except for spring rolls and snack mix)…but there was lots of wine (without sulfites!) and lots of catching up…and so I feel this is a very blog-worthy topic indeed.


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