Pie and Pierogies

I meant to make pie *and* pierogies this weekend…but, alas, I ran short of time. (I have so little time this semester that I am sort of perpetually on the verge of a massive panic attack…)

However, I thought it worth noting the following recipe as it *is* actually quick and easy and quite tasty: Pierogies with Tomatoes, Browned Onions and Dill. It didn’t get very good reviews on Epicurious (I usually don’t bother with anything that doesn’t get at least 80% of people who say they will make it again…), but I actually saw this recipe in the magazine and made it before seeing the reviews…and I’m glad I did! It’s like a more foodie version of Hamburger Helper (yes, it’s *that* easy).

A few thoughts: I thought I had purchased a can of diced tomatoes, but apparently I had tomato sauce. It didn’t really make much difference.

Also? Dillweed? Sounds kind of like a name you would call someone, doesn’t it?

I totally used up a container of dillweed tonight. It makes me feel very chef-like whenever I use up a spice container…


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