My Block is Food Famous!

I was talking to a neighbor and learned that there used to be a big-time chef on our block…and it’s a very sociable block, so they have BBQs in the summer, etc., etc. And you’ll never guess who allegedly showed up when the big-time chef lived here…Mario Batali! And Bobby Flay! (Whenever I hear the name “Bobby Flay,” I *also* hear the line from the FreshDirect commercial — “You’re Bobby Flay! The famous chef!”)

And…Bon Appetit has a one-page spread on a guy from a meat market that is super-close to my apartment! Staubitz Market. (I actually thought it was the place with the giant pig out front…and I was wrong. But! Apparently *that* is Esposito’s…and Mr. Esposito lives on my block, too.)


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