Super Monday Night

I still don’t know who to vote for tomorrow.

I mean, I know which party is more in line with my ideals and everything…but I’m torn between candidates. I actually liked this story — Undecided ’08: Should I Vote for Clinton or Obama? (even though I’m not sure I was ever quite as enthusiastic about John Edwards…).

I read the newspaper and stuff…and I have definite opinions about certain issues…but I haven’t paid close enough attention to the candidates themselves to know who I agree with more. (Plus, I find politics completely intimidating and feel not smart at all when it comes to stuff like this.)

So…in the interest of time, I was trying to find a voter’s guide…and instead found a bunch of online quizzes that are supposed to tell you who to vote for. Is it completely terrible that I just spent, like, actual time taking them? (I wasn’t sure if one would be horribly skewed…so I took a couple to see if there was some sort of consensus…and there actually was…so I guess maybe I know who I’m voting for tomorrow…even though I still share some of Ms. Traister’s qualms…)


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One response to “Super Monday Night

  1. Boz

    Try Glassbooth if you’re still feeling undecided. Personally, I think both candidates are largely the same. In fact, I cannot find a candidate in either party that I’d hook my wagon to; Fred Thompson and Bill Richardson have both dropped out, unfortunately.

    That’s enough politics for me. Good luck with your decision!

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