Sports Curse Over?

Granted, I was totally a fairweather fan this season (as in, err, every other football season of my life)…but I *do* love a good underdog story (with the single exception of the Braves in the late 90s) and so I was thrilled when I caught the end of the game last night (much like Plaxico Burress caught that touchdown pass on the first-and-10 with 39 seconds remaining).

My neighbors were, too.

Earlier in the day, I saw Joe (who happens to be my landlady’s daughter’s cousin…and also the plumber who fixed my bathroom) carting a six-foot sandwich down our tiny street.

“Hey, there!” he said.

“Hey! That’s some sandwich,” I said.


After the game, they were out in the streets with air horns and the whole nine yards…

I’m not used to rooting for the victor…

I wonder if this bodes well for UCLA in the NCAA tourney next month…?

They have that freshman phenom now…

And stupid Joakim Noah and his giant hair and his tennis champion of a father are finally gone.

(P.S. I don’t really know what first-and-10 means. I had to look it up. But I knew it was close to the end of the game! I saw it with my own two eyes!)


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