Bluer Than Velvet was the Night…

I was complaining to a friend about how I’ve used up all of my vials of red food coloring while making red velvet cake…and so I have to keep purchasing assorted food color packages in order to get more red and now I have more yellow, green and blue than I know what to do with…(two packages…about to be three, to be exact — that’s 6.75 fluid ounces of food coloring I may *never* use.)

This is when my friend excitedly exclaimed that I could instead try making *blue* velvet cake.

I laughed at first…but it’s actually sort of tempting…

I mean, think about it: why not? Except that it could be really weird as there’s probably a reason Southern marms settled upon red as the most appealing color…

But I actually just bought cake flour for the first time in my life (a dirty little secret? I’ve been using all-purpose flour all this time)…and I’m not sure if I should debut blue velvet cake with actual cake flour. Also: will it dye mouths blue? Or just look gross?

(Green is not so worrisome as I can always use it for faux grass on Peeps pie this Easter…but I really have no idea what to do with the blue other than this.)

So…in honor of this potentially new cake, take it away, Bobby…


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