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A Surprise Guest!

I *thought* I was going to be entertaining my cousin’s husband’s stepbrother this week (who was in town with the Milwaukee Bucks)…but, alas, he had work obligations and so I didn’t get to do much entertaining. I couldn’t remember whether or not he is a vegetarian…and then I realized how great pizza would be in either case and so I *really* wanted to take him to Grimaldi’s. Oh well.

But! I was not forlorn at all as I got a text message on Tuesday night saying, “I’m in NY. U still liv here?” And it was from a friend from England who I haven’t talked to in *3* years…and so I immediately ran up to the Waldorf-Astoria to commence our impromptu visit. There wasn’t much food involved (except for spring rolls and snack mix)…but there was lots of wine (without sulfites!) and lots of catching up…and so I feel this is a very blog-worthy topic indeed.

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Congrats to C&M…

…on their first day of wedded bliss!

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Very Short List

A friend/acquaintance/person who emails me occasionally alerted me to this:

The American Kitchen from Typhoid Mary to travertine countertops

If the reviewer is right, this is very exciting news. I’m not sure if there’s anything better than “literary comfort food…”

(Travertine is this.)

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Totally Rational Pasta Fear

I had brunch with a friend recently and ordered the puttanesca. (Not that long ago I actually made spaghetti alla puttanesca and it was really good, so I seem to have developed a taste for the stuff.)

However…one of the little sardine-y things still had a bone or something in it and it sort of got stuck in my throat. It didn’t hurt or anything, but I could feel it for a long time…and I was sort of scared that I was going to choke in my sleep.

Logical? Yes. Totally.

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Aww…it seems like only yesterday…

Look what the Pie Council emailed me:

To: American Pie Council Personal Members
From: Nancy Mathieson, APC Membership Director

Please consider participating at the 2008 APC Crisco National Pie Championships and Great American Pie Festival, Orlando, Florida, April 18-20, 2008

I am attaching entry forms for the Amateur and Junior Chefs Divisions.

Baking times are still available on Friday, April 18th at our event hotel, Orlando Sun Resort by Lexington. Please contact me for more information.


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Why Did it Cross the Road?

I won’t bore you with what little I know about New York City and alternative food economies (although I *can* sound remarkably confident in my own abilities when I write…)…but I thought it was worth noting that I attended a Slow Food NYC event the other night for a story I’m writing for a class.

The subject? “The Urban Chicken and the City Bee.”

It just so happened that one of the panelists, an Irish chicken farmer who lives in Red Hook, was the subject of a NYT story way back when: In the Land of Co-ops, Coops.

This evening also doubled as a wine-tasting event…and served biodynamic cheese…which was kind of, err, crumbly.

(…but I don’t want to give away anything else as I still haven’t turned in my story…)

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Friday Catblogging

Not the most flattering picture of *me*, but it’s one of the last ones of good ol‘ Fatty. (Thanks, Robbie…)

I am still catless…and this weekend I have to finish the second draft of my master’s project and write two profiles and read a bunch of stuff…so I don’t think I’ll be getting a pet this weekend either.

But I have a good feeling about March!

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What is a News Magazine?

Why, it’s a “bento box of information.” That was according to Time Inc. Managing Editor Richard Stengel at tonight’s lecture.

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Happy Birthday to Peeps’ #1 Fan!

It’s hard to believe that the flamingos were a year ago already! (Part II is here, for those of you with a propensity for nostalgia…)

Best wishes for 61!

(And happy birthday, too, to Tim!)

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Pie and Pierogies

I meant to make pie *and* pierogies this weekend…but, alas, I ran short of time. (I have so little time this semester that I am sort of perpetually on the verge of a massive panic attack…)

However, I thought it worth noting the following recipe as it *is* actually quick and easy and quite tasty: Pierogies with Tomatoes, Browned Onions and Dill. It didn’t get very good reviews on Epicurious (I usually don’t bother with anything that doesn’t get at least 80% of people who say they will make it again…), but I actually saw this recipe in the magazine and made it before seeing the reviews…and I’m glad I did! It’s like a more foodie version of Hamburger Helper (yes, it’s *that* easy).

A few thoughts: I thought I had purchased a can of diced tomatoes, but apparently I had tomato sauce. It didn’t really make much difference.

Also? Dillweed? Sounds kind of like a name you would call someone, doesn’t it?

I totally used up a container of dillweed tonight. It makes me feel very chef-like whenever I use up a spice container…

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