Fat Boy

I’ve been reluctant to post anything else as it means I’ll be one post away from Fatty…and pretty soon his entry will sink to the bottom of the page and then it won’t even appear anymore.

So…I think my first post post-Fatty has to be that my friends took really good care of me this weekend — warm fuzzies abounded and I feel really lucky to have them. One of them was even willing to sit through 27 Dresses with me. (I know, I know…but there aren’t many happy movies out right now and I’ve already seen Juno…and I have heard that Atonement is depressing…and I just wanted something silly and mindless and happy.)

And…before the movie started, there was a preview for this movie: Run, Fat Boy, Run.

You may recall Fat Boy was my cat’s name when I adopted him. So…aww

(By the by, I took the “Find Your Perfect Dress Quiz” on the 27 Dresses website…and my result follows.)


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  1. Boz

    I recommend, “Knocked Up” if you haven’t seen it already. The language can be crass at times, but the jokes are great, the themes ring *very* true to real-life, and the ending is happy. A fun, uplifting movie, and it looks like you’re looking for a few.


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