The Top 10 Reasons Why Cheese is Bad…

(…and the Packers perhaps deserve bad karma.)

10. It’s high in fat!
9. It’s the name of a recreational drug that combines heroin with crushed tablets of certain over-the-counter cold medicines.
8. Is the source of displeasure in the phrase, “Who cut the cheese?”
7. It is a symbol of happiness and success in the motivational tome, “Who Moved My Cheese?” but perhaps just serves as a reminder of everything you haven’t accomplished and can prove paralytic to some?
6. Is the name of “America’s loudest lounge singer.”
5. Cheese Prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Have been Volatile
4. A double cheeseburger from McDonald’s provides nearly half your recommended daily intake of sodium!
3. Just ask anyone who is lactose intolerant!
2. It may cause people to do crazy things.
1. It symbolizes male ego.


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One response to “The Top 10 Reasons Why Cheese is Bad…

  1. Boz

    What a bunch of crap! Cheese is awesome! In fact, I could go for some Smoked Gouda or Wensleydale right now. Mmm, cheese.

    That post was linkalicious. It just proves how crazy those Green Bay fans are! 😛

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