Just Call Me Ulysses…

Feed Your Mind: A Baker’s Odyssey

I’m not quite as quick to spurn traditional baking books as my buddies at Gothamist (I — heart — Ken Haedrich!), but I admit this book *could* broaden some baking horizons. (Except — with all due respect to the Pennsylvania Dutch — I don’t think it deserves bragging rights for including shoofly pie…)

This may *also* be an appropriate time to express my undying love for Joyce…and really all the Modernists, really. (Swoon.) And it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Perhaps for the occasion I should do a special entry here combining two things I love — if James Joyce was a baked good, what would he be? Perhaps I will also throw in Woolf and Eliot…because, well, I love them, too. (And, as I *may* have already mentioned, Eliot and I have the same birthday.)


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