The Grandaddy of Mixers, A Deadly Orange Meatloaf, & Ruminations on Sports Allegiances

Well, it wasn’t *quite* as joyous as, say, the bundles that Christina and Nicole brought home this weekend, but…I finally joined the ranks of the KitchenAid mixer elite…(which is perhaps roughly equivalent in certain circles).

Yes, it’s true — I finally settled on a color. (Sorry, Anonymous…I did Empire Red. It matches a lot of the stuff I already have!) And as I was leaving the store with Big Red in tow, I was certain I was getting knowing glances from shoppers recalling when *they* first brought home *their* mixers.

Some of them just smiled…but others said things like, “I love mine!” and I felt kind of like I had joined a special foodie club.

I’d like to say that the inaugural run was something truly spectacular…but I was actually expecting to be snowed in today and was huntin‘ for some good, old fashioned comfort food when I came across a Paula Deen meatloaf recipe that is too embarrassing to name specifically. But maybe if I paraphrase her “I’m not your dietitian, I’m your cook”-quote, you’ll understand that this was one crazy meatloaf and I might actually have a heart attack and drop dead any minute now.

I also don’t know if it was the mixer (or maybe I was caught between the moon and New York City?), but I felt rather daring and didn’t follow the recipe to a T.

First off, I couldn’t find a can of fried onions. (Do they make them anymore??) But…it seems like every recipe I ever make always starts out with sauteing onions and garlic, so that’s what I did.

I also didn’t use mayo because I don’t really *like* mayo (my sister, who is the exact opposite of me in sooo many respects, liked it so much when she was little that she could eat it out of the jar with a spoon).

I also added a crapload of carrots and parsnips because I got to take some home from work the other day and I didn’t really know what to do with parsnips (despite the helpful winter veg section in Bon Appetit this month) and I wanted to test out Mrs. Seinfeld’s sneaky veg theory. There has to be something to the whole “Deceptively Delicious” (and the book that sued it) concept as I couldn’t tell there were parsnips *or* carrots in there…although my meatloaf was incredibly orange which made it rather difficult to tell when to remove it from the oven (Paula suggests to do so “when the meat is no longer pink”).

I was sort of watching the Giants game while all of this was going on…and for some reason I feel a certain allegiance to them. I’m not sure if this means that I’m becoming more of a New Yorker or if it’s because I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog. A friend IMed me during the game to ask the score and I told him that Dallas was up and he said, “Oh, good! You’re a Dallas fan, right?”

I asked him he would think that. His logic? Because Dallas is close to Sippi. I then explained that Atlanta, New Orleans and Tennessee are *also* close to ‘Sippi. Plus, I don’t have very strong ties to Mississippi anymore…and my sports allegiances are kinda screwy anyway. (Javy! Javy!)

I am a little nervous about next weekend’s game though. My family bleeds green and yellow. Although, then again, I suppose Eli & Co. could inadvertently avenge the Bruins in the ’99 and ’00 Rose Bowls (when UCLA lost to Wisconsin and my family rejoiced). It’s kind of funny — I had a Super Bowl “party” last year and everyone in attendance was rooting for the Bears and I felt sorry for the Colts, so I adopted mock affection of Peyton for a single night…and look what happened!

Although, then again, I suppose Wisconsin’s part of my life whether I like it or not…once upon a time, I had a cheesehead.


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