Open Call…

I feel like the ol‘ blog needs a new shtick.

YumSugar had 52 Weeks of Baking last year.

Blognut has “Celebrities Caught Thinking about Donuts.”

And last year around this time, I was writing up a storm in preparation for Orlando.

Tasty Lacy’s had a purpose!

But now I’m just writing about random stuff…and while I do still enjoy having a forum to write about whatever I want…rather than, say, mutual funds or some other vile financial topic…I feel like I need to reinvent my blog persona! Or at least provide some sort of compelling reason for folks to stop by…

So…if anyone has any bright ideas about how to spice things up around here, I’m all ears.



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2 responses to “Open Call…

  1. Pie Fan

    Pie of the month? You bake a new pie each month, one you’ve never done before… blog postings can explore the history of that month’s kind of pie, its place in literature and/or geo-politics, and of course a chronicle of your baking of said pie.

    Just a thought…

  2. Boz

    Pie of the month? This is the internet. You need to give the ADHD world a pie a week at minimum! Include pictures and instructions for making said pie, images of you making the pie, and images of you eating or sharing the pie, along with comments about how it came out and how you might have varied the recipe.

    Pies do seem to be your thing, though (yet, I have still not had the pleasure, sadly).

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