A Resolution is Made: Empire Red

So…I decided enough was enough and I went to Williams-Sonoma after work, determined to choose a mixer. There was a whole wall devoted to them at Columbus Circle — every conceivable shape and size. And while as of late I had been leaning toward white (simple? classic?), I don’t really like the pale trim the white mixers have these days and so white was out of the running once again. I was still hemming and hawing — Empire Red or Metallic Chrome? — when I saw a Valentine’s Day display in the baking section…and there was something about the red mixer, nestled in between canisters of red velvet cake mix, that spoke to me. I know, I know…it sounds a little nuts (and I think maybe it was actually just the lighting)…but there it was and suddenly everything seemed clear. (There are *also* some potential feng shui implications with red that I am too embarrassed to admit publicly…and I did actually spend a moment wandering around the store asking myself, “This is the mixer of all mixers! You’re going to have this for a long time! Are you *sure* you’re not just picking red because a roommate a million years ago told you about the ancient art of placement and arrangement??” I decided that I wasn’t and that it would match my pots and bowls…and I even realized it’s almost like that hot pink color that I actually like a lot but would be too worried to purchase out of fear that tastes and styles would change and suddenly I would find myself with a very tacky mixer. So I really can’t lose.)

But, alas, they did not have Empire Red in stock…and so I will have to go to another location. But…now I’ve had a couple of days to ponder red…and I’m still happy with it. So…now it’s totally all systems go.


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