The Great KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Color Dilemma

So…I was good last year and Santa brought me lots of gift certificates for housewares…and so I think I finally get to bite the bullet and get a KitchenAid mixer.

But…how do you pick a color? One has yet to speak to me…

I saw one in hot pink once that I kind of liked…(I’m not really a fan of the lighter pink that is still available)…but I distinctly remember that my mother had a mustard yellow mixer from her first wedding that was uber-trendy at the time but was really ugly by the time I was old enough to pass judgment. So…I worry that some of the flashier colors would eventually go the way of my mother’s mustard yellow mixer and my own children would turn their noses up at me.

I got a collection of bowls and pans a few Christmases back that were red…so I’m tempted to get Empire Red so it matches them. Then again, I’m not sure I’m in love with that shade for the mixer itself.

White and Onyx Black seem boring…

But Buttercup Yellow, Cornflower, Clementine and Lemongrass seem dangerous.

So…I may end up just getting Metallic Chrome. *That* would match my Cuisinart. But then the bowl’s practically the same color as the machine and that seems boring, too. Sigh.

Empire Red or Metallic Chrome?



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6 responses to “The Great KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Color Dilemma

  1. Buttercup

    Empire Red is bold and beautiful. Metallic chrome is safe yet always-stylish. I’d go for chrome.

  2. Anonymous

    Go for Clementine, you only live once! And your kids are supposed to turn their noses up at your stuff because thats what kids do!
    I have two KA mixers one in Spicey Orange (5 Quart) and on in Tangerine (6 quart) and the KA hand mixer in Clementine, as you can tell I am bias toward orange.

    The hot pink you are referring to is likely Cranberry, which as far as I know has been discontinued.

    Go for color!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi there. I am having the same problem. I got the handmixer in buttercup and simply love it. I had bought lemongrass at williams sonoma and exchanged it. Green wasn’t interesting enough. Clementine was nice. I think light pink would bore me. I have fiesta dishes in 13 colours. Don’t get chrome. I have a chrome waring blender and wished I had gotten royal blue or red in it. I have never liked the chrome and I have had it for years. I am leaning towards orange or yellow. Def. not white or black. Don’t think of future, think of right now. What is spicey orange. I saw mango on ebay and it looks great, but discontinued. I still haven’t made up my mind yet though. Linda

  4. Anonymous


    Spicey Orange was a limited edition color sold by Bloomingdales. In reality I think that it is now called persimmon (as in the Fiesta Color) and was sold at Williams Sonoma a few seasons ago. I just checked and Target online has them. It is a darker orange. I really like the color.

    Mango to me it too pinkish/coral. I suggest you see it in person before you buy. The last time I was in Macy’s they had mango on display. I do like the clementine also. I got my clementine hand mixer on clearance and noticed the lemon grass and clementine stand mixers were on clearance in the stores also (not on the web). The store may be able to locate one for you it was a great price.

    I too have Fiesta and they just announced two new colors Ivory and Marigold (limited run).

    I have the Kitchenaid Tangerine Blender and the Waring Tangerine Blender also. Neiman Marcus offered the Waring blender a few years back in some great colors.

    Be colorful

  5. Linda

    Hi once again. What colour would look best with my Fiesta. I guess in the oranges, persimmon and clementine. Have you seen the brand new sunshine yellow from sonoma. It is gorgeous and grass green, no orange though and new blue, called french blue.
    I am thinking of yellow possibly for stand mixer. It is lighter and brighter than buttercup. So excited about new fiesta. Every year I get 1 or 2 dishes in new colours. Which orange blender do you prefer?
    Ivory is rich. Linda

  6. Anonymous

    Hi there. Still leaning towards yellow. Sunshine yellow (new from Williams sonoma is just gorgeous) It is cheery. Grass green was nice too. I love buttercup. It grows on you too.

    Still thinking about persimmon now. I can’t wait for ivory and marigold fiestaware.
    Which orange is better, persimmon or tangerine. Mango may be out, cause too pink now. Linda

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