Here’s to ’08!

It isn’t hard to do, but I was getting very nostalgic after going through my 2007 calendar to put birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in my 2008 calendar. And I guess I didn’t realize until then what a big year it was in so many respects. From the very beginning, there was the discovery of National Pie Day on January 23…and it sort of became banner year for me — from this very blog (and writing about stuff I like) to being brave and going to the pie contest in Orlando solo (even though I am not self-actualized) to quitting my job to go back to school…there were lots of mini milestones. And…not to descend *too* far into a yearning for the past that might be construed as maudlin at best…but…2008 seems like it will have a milestone or two of its own (okay, okay…covert-ish reference to graduation)…so here’s best wishes for the new year and your own milestones — be they blogs, contests, master’s or whatever — as my oldest friend in the world used to say when we were in elementary school — floats your boat.

P.S.: I forgot to say yesterday that my cousin’s husband suggested frying Pillsbury orange rolls should I ever be in the mood for, you know, something fried.


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