Yes, they really *do* make square cheesecake pans…

I’m sorry it’s been so long! I actually have a little Post-it note here with ideas for blog entries that I have jotted down about every baking-type thing that has happened since I last sat down and properly wrote something…(it was hard to do in Wisconsin as I had a five-year-old at my heels…which was great fun for me…but, alas, detrimental to my blog). But I think there’s only a handful of people who actually still read this anyway…and I have a hunch these are the kind of people who will like me regardless of how often I blog.

Without any further ado…I kicked off Winter Break ’07 with a pit stop in Chicago to visit one of my classmates. Now, I’ve been to O’Hare about a million times and I’ve done major touristy stuff in Chicago like the Art Institute (Hello, Seurat!) and Sears Tower (with the Englishman I almost married in ’02 and his mum was convinced we were going to die in another terrorist attack) when blowing through to visit my family or for business trips or whatever…so what I really wanted to do was just kind of hang out in a Chicago ‘hood and see what it’s like. My friend lives in Wicker Park…so we did a lot of wandering and boutique shopping and cafe visiting and stuff like that. We stopped by a place called Alliance Bakery that has really fantastic cakes in the window — my friend says she wants to get her wedding cake there (she’s actually engaged…it’s not just wishful thinking).

We were waiting for the fiance to get off work and so we headed out to Michigan Avenue to do more shopping (disclaimer: my friend is *not* actually a mail order bride…I just Googled “fiance” and that was the first site that popped up and I really felt I couldn’t *not* link to it)…and I had to stop by the Chinese (?) bakery on Michigan Avenue with the crazy wedding cake in the window with 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen. I have a photo in front of it from over the summer (see my Facebook profile photo above)…my friend took *another* one…and since she is about to get married herself, we were checking out prices and stuff on signs in the window…and I noticed that they had prices for cheesecakes — including square cheesecakes. I had never heard of such a thing, but my friend insisted that they *do* exist and that her mother maybe even had one.

Fast forward to me at the Kohl’s in Grafton, Wisconsin looking for tights with my aunt and my niece on Christmas Eve Eve…and what do you suppose was on sale in housewares? That’s right — a square cheesecake pan. So now I own one.


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