To Heck with those Soccer Figurines!

I was recently at a Michael’s somewhere in Wisconsin looking for wreath-making materials with my aunt. (My grandmother used to have a wreath composed entirely of tiny Christmas presents and I really liked it a lot, so I wanted to recreate it.)

Just for kicks, we hit up the baking aisle (who knew Michael’s had such a thing??) and so I was marveling at all the fondant and the crazy cake pans when I came up their selection of decorative cake figurines. And wouldn’t you know they had a set of soccer players…which is the *exact* same set I bought when I couldn’t find a running man and I was baking a cake for a guy I knew who was doing the NYC Marathon. (This one particular soccer player totally looked like he was running and so it wasn’t too much of a stretch.)

I can’t remember exactly what I baked — or even when I gave it to him — but I *do* remember that the marathoner did not adequately appreciate my efforts. Rumor has it his company has since been sold and now he is a millionaire. Sigh. Sometimes I’m too damn nice for my own good!


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