I would be remiss in not mentioning the gingerbread house!

I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house and so my aunt purchased a kit at Costco (now open in Grafton!) and my niece and I made one together on my first day in Wisconsin. It was remarkably easy — the kit includes a stand with grooves and so you just ice the grooves, slap in the ready-made gingerbread, et voila!

My niece suggested we turn it into a bakery…but Auntie Lisa has big handwriting and so you’ll notice all we got was “Baker” above the door…with a “y” above the window. (Baker…y!)

And…those pillars in front are compliments of my cousin the landscaping expert.

This is also perhaps a good time to mention the strangely addictive properties of Christmas sugar cookies? They were *everywhere*…and I didn’t even like the cookies all that much. But there was totally something about the icing. Man, oh, man.


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