It’s almost too good to be true…!

Javy Lopez, #8, was resigned by the team that introduced him to me in the first place.

Everything is coming full circle! (I remember back in ’03, one of the nicest things about him leaving Atlanta was that none of my friends questioned how huge it was for me. As soon as I told them, each and every one said, “Oh my gosh — are you okay??” and were very understanding…)

Thanks to a fan in Atlanta for alerting me…almost immediately! Huge props!

Thanks also to my lackey for digging up:

I *really* wanted to find the photo of me and my cousins the year we lived in Atlanta and I bought them all Javy Lopez jerseys for Christmas…I swore I used to have it either on the fridge or framed somewhere…but, alas, I could not find it to scan it in for you all! I will have to rely on Google Images…or the ol‘ “Lisa and Javy at Target”-shot.


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One response to “It’s almost too good to be true…!

  1. Lackey

    It’s a Christmas miracle! Javy for the All-Star game in ’08!

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