I think that little elves sneak into my kitchen when I am not at home and wreak havoc on my oven…

It’s the only logical explanation as to why for the *zillionth* time this weekend, I tried to bake a pie and my apartment filled with smoke while I was preheating. I know now to take the battery out of the fire alarm *every* time I cook (hello, firemen at midnight!)…but I was almost afraid the smoke was going to drift upstairs and I was going to set off my landlady’s daughter’s smoke alarm because there was so much smoke. When I checked out what was going on *inside* the oven, I discovered the charred remnants of what I guess must have been excess pastry, but how so much of it ended up on the bottom of my oven is beyond me. When I took *out* the bottom of the oven (or…whatever it is…that protective metal thing), I also discovered this sticky sort of paste that was presumably also burning. I don’t understand why this keeps happening.

I hate using Easy-Off! And yet I have to do it all the time!

I also discovered a protective film around the dials that has been there since the oven was installed. Oops.

And…PS: I finally had to toss out that pie pumpkin. I never made a pie with it.


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