Post-Thanksgiving Report

So…hope everyone had a nice holiday.

I’ve been in Wisconsin…where we sort of had a back to basics holiday with the traditional spread when we were growing up — Jell-o salad, sweet potato casserole, etc., etc. I absolutely love Thanksgiving leftovers, so I’ll be a little sad to leave them behind. Sometimes I wish I lived closer! I think my uncle used a vacuum seal machine one year to pack up a bunch of turkey and stuff for me. But…I suppose I *can* always make the fixings myself when I get home. I could eat for days and days!

My mom sent me some decorative piecrust cutters…which we actually used after Thanksgiving for an apple pie because my aunt had already made pumpkin and pecan by the time I got here. I gotta give Williams-Sonoma props as the spring-loaded doohickey on top makes it super-easy to extract the dough (even if you have to push down REALLY hard to get the decorative flourishes to show up).


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