So…one of the things about visiting my family is that they have cable and get about a zillion more channels than I do and therefore are better in tune with, you know, popular culture and stuff. So…I saw that Man vs. Wild show for the first time. Don’t get me wrong — I’d *heard* of it before…I’d just never seen Bear in action. He’s certainly brave and knowledgeable and stuff (but the hyperbolic voice-overs could perhaps use a little tinkering — just my two cents).

In any event, Bear was in Panama creeping through caves and sliding down waterfalls in the episode I watched (fun fact: in her twilight years, my grandmother married a guy she met at church after he took her to the Panama Canal) and he picked up some sort of plant-thing that I think maybe had special parasite-removing properties (?) and as he chewed it, he described the taste as “zingy.” Good word.


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