Happy Thanksgiving!

I was hoping to do something a *little* more elaborate for my first Thanksgiving blog…but, sadly, I have run out of time. I like to do Top 10 lists every now and again…but usually I aim to make *funny* lists…this time, however, I’m afraid you guys are stuck with my Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving Memories (or Somesuch):

10. You know how when you open a can of cranberry, it sorta looks like a can? Well…it was a long-running joke in my family that we had a special mold that made it look like that.

9. Pumpkin cheesecake! I believe my mom deserves the honors for discovering this recipe one year when she was tired of making just another pumpkin pie…

8. Turducken. When we lived in Mississippi, my dad was FASCINATED by this. Not sure if he ever actually had one though.

7. My first turkey. That’s right — last year I roasted my first bird all by myself. I think I leaned a bit too heavily on that pop-out timer though…

6. I wanna say our first goose…but I think that was when my mother was tired of turkey one Christmas.

5. I flew to Seattle one year to visit my beat-boxing air guitar champ friend, Matthew. He made these crazy appetizer things with fancy cheese and pancetta. I tried to reproduce them later and they just weren’t the same.

4. Tofurkey. My boss at the UCLA bookstore ordered one of these bad boys the year I worked there. And I will associate them with him forever more. (Hi, Dorian! It’s been awhile!)

3. I volunteered at a soup kitchen in Fairbanks one year because I didn’t have anything to do or anyone to celebrate it with…and it turned out they already had plenty of volunteers and so they set about evangelizing me.

2. When I was in England, one of my aunts thought maybe I’d be homesick and so she sent me a postcard that said, “Have a turkey sandwich and a Guinness!”

1. Fried turkey. Cooks super-fast. And it sure was a sight to see all my cousins out in the cold, holding the bird over a vat of hot oil…

Have a happy holiday!


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