I made red velvet cake a week ago!

I had a very clear moment of inspiration (these are rare) and I decided I couldn’t go on any longer without making red velvet cake.

A few thoughts:

1. Is cake flour really necessary? (And…is sifting said flour really necessary?) ((I decided they were not. It turned out just fine.))

2. I have another bone to pick with FreshDirect! They left out my brown sugar last week! And it’s only, like, $1, but it still means I have to go to the store and physically purchase a box…which suddenly makes grocery delivery far less convenient. I’m not very strong though…and I buy a lot of food to indulge my culinary whims. So it’s either FreshDirect, multiple trips or some sort of beefcake sidekick, I guess.

3. Red food coloring, you dirty bastard!

It turns out that a tablespoon of food coloring is quite a lot. Remember that cute little kitchen cart I have? The one that is made out of light, happy Ikea-colored wood? Well…I was squeezing the little tube of food coloring and got to the end when it made a “pffft” noise and little red dots splattered all over my wobbly kitchen cart. And, you know, I was at a dinner party-ish thing recently and they were talking about how Steve Jobs and other early Apple-folk used to write messages inside the computers with markers and how one of those machines is probably worth a lot of money now…so…perhaps when my career as a food writer really takes off, I will be able to sell this wobbly, food-coloring-splattered kitchen cart to one of my adoring fans and I will make a small fortune for a deserving charity. Until then, I am stuck with an ugly, unreliable cart.
4. I skipped out on the fruit, too.

But, overall, a very good cake.

It kept nicely in my beloved storage device.


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