I pity the fool…

So…there were a bunch of recipes in Gourmet a couple of months ago that I really wanted to try…and tonight was the night.

Recipe #1? Pierogies with Tomatoes, Browned Onions, and Dill

It’s in the “Ten-Minute Mains” section, so it’s supposed to be super-easy…and as a means to that end, it calls for 24 Mrs. T’s frozen potato-cheddar pierogies…and when I took the boxes out of the freezer, I had a little laugh to myself because I realized she could be Mr. T‘s wife.

It usually takes me a lot longer to make stuff than the recipe says it will…but this one was pretty true to form — quick and painless. (Although I ordered “farm fresh yellow onions” from FreshDirect and they are the puniest onions I have ever seen…it was seriously like “Honey, I Shrunk the Onions.”)

I’ve also never used caraway seeds before…and I liked the smell. Kind of made my apartment smell like rye bread!

And it calls for 1/3 cup of chopped dill, but I was just going to use the dill weed I had on hand…and I never know how it works with fresh/dried herbs…I obviously couldn’t add 1/3 cup of dried dill weed…but I think I ended up using way too much anyway.

Recipe #2 is actually “Sophisto Joes.” I confess I have always been a little fascinated by the concept of sloppy joes…but it was kinda late and I think the pierogies will do me for awhile anyway. But…next weekend!


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