Jessica Seinfeld has a new book…

(I almost just typed Jessica Simpson…who is clearly not right. But! When I was Googling her to link to her official website [when admitting my near-error], I discovered that you can get your own blog [!] on…and so right now I am positively overloaded with things I want to say on top of everything I started out with…)

When I first heard that Mrs. Seinfeld has a new book, I was skeptical. Then I read it was supposed to be about getting kids to eat good food and my cynicism faded a bit…but then I read an interview with her on Amazon…and I think I’m skeptical again: Are your kids interested in cooking yet? Are there ways to introduce healthy eating habits with the child helping in the kitchen?

Seinfeld: My children are interested in baking because they love any excuse to be around sweets. But I make sure whatever we bake has pureed veggies in it and is actually low in refined sugar. So my children actually think baking cakes, brownies, and cookies with sweet potatoes, carrots, or beets is the proper way to cook.

Baked goods with pureed vegetables? Hmm

But, A for effort, I suppose. And, regardless, this whole kid-food thing *does* follow a recent strand in the Times…which I guess maybe isn’t all that significant. But it seems at least noteworthy:

Picky Eaters? They Get it from You


The Family Meal is What Counts, TV On or Off


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