Quickly, before this weekend completely fades from memory…

For the record, I find it strange that you cannot find a recipe for snickerdoodles on epicurious.com:


So…I reached for my tried-and-true Joy of Cooking (I was initially inspired to make these cookies because I had virtually all the ingredients on hand…and then the idea sort of gnawed away at me until I absolutely had to make them…)…but then I was sending an e-mail about a cheesecake recipe from Nigella Lawson‘s How to Be a Domestic Goddess (which is quickly becoming one of my new favorites) and noticed an entry for chocodoodles in the index and had to investigate. (Turns out they’re just snickerdoodles with 2 tablespoons of flour replaced with cocoa. Kind of sounds like that dog — the goldendoodle?) Unfortunately, however, I did not have any cocoa…so I had to fall back on good olsnickerdoodles. I was also surprised that Nigella doesn’t use cream of tartar or have you smush down the walnut-sized balls. I also enjoyed some of her phraseology. For example: “Now stir in the dry ingredients until you have a smooth, coherent mixture.”

Nothing quite like coherent cookie dough…

But…my cookies didn’t really flatten out as they baked…and I can’t decide if they’re charmingly buttery tea cakes…or if they’re just hard as rocks and should be tossed in the bin, as Nigella might say across the pond.

But! I was in quite a baking mood yesterday…and *also* tackled the pumpkin bread pudding recipe in Gourmet this month. My bread was not day-old, so it sort of felt like cheating…but I also knew I wouldn’t do it once the week got started…and I really wanted to try out this recipe. It was ridiculously easy (even though I was a little nervous about cubing bread — I’ve never done that before! — don’t let it deter you!)…and I think it would be a super-easy dish to bring to Thanksgiving if you get saddled with dessert. (I would personally recommend it in addendum to pie…as I’m not sure if the holiday would be the same to me sans pie…and now my mind is racing with all these thoughts about low maintenance pumpkin pie advice — perhaps I can mock up a holiday special next month! — but I should probably stick to the matter at hand before I lose my train of thought completely). I had pretty high expectations…and the stuff is decent…it didn’t blow me away…but had I tried it not expecting much, I probably would have been really impressed with myself. (For whatever that’s worth.)

I also got into the holiday spirit and purchased a pie pumpkin when I was last at the grocery store. Goodness knows if I’ll actually make a pie out of it (true confession: I’ve really only ever used Libby’s)…but it’s a fun addition to my kitchen table at the very least. I *think* I’m going to try to visit my family in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving this year. For the past several years, I’ve had nice “orphan” Thanksgivings in the city…and the food has certainly been good and the company nice…but I really miss tradition and familiar people and family drama…so I think it’s America’s Dairyland for me. (Plus it will be nice to escape from the city for a brief, shining moment.)


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