Daily Extended Forecast for October 07, 2007

Per Astrology.com:

“There is nothing like a strong sense of accomplishment to build your confidence — so today, make it your number one task to finish as many things as you can. Even if you haven’t been feeling down in the dumps about your situation, a little boost to your ego couldn’t hurt, right? Plus it will polish your reputation and get you noticed. Finish your tax return, finish off that last crafty project you’ve been working on, or do a load or two of laundry. Just get stuff done.”

All those unfinished crafty projects can’t help but make me think of this show that was on for about five minutes a few years ago.

I can’t imagine *why* it wasn’t more successful…I mean, c’mon — the Craft Lady of Steel??

I also thought How to Get the Guy was going to change my life (even though I was somewhat dubious of the “love coaches” — a Renaissance man? And a triple threat??). But apparently I was the only one who was watching it. Although…I just saw that you can now watch the unaired episodes online…which means maybe there’s hope for me after all!


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