The Pie Hole!

How excited was I when I flipped to the Arts section of the NYT this morning and saw the following headline??

Loner Finds He Has a Touch for Piemaking and Undeadmaking

So…I was super-excited about the premiere tonight. (Even though taking the time to watch it quite possibly jeopardized my post-secondary education…)

I *am* kind of curious how they’re going to work out the whole not-touching thing…(a magical loophole in the season finale??)…

But…I don’t really know what Alessandra is talking about — I love Amelie! I find it charming and wonderful and just all sorts of delightful things! It’s bright and colorful and happy! (I suppose I have to give her props for citing Greg Behrendt though…)


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  1. Boz

    You’re not the only one that loves Amelie; Alessandra Stanley is the weirdo. Amelie had a 90% approval rating from critics. It’s little wonder Pushing Daisies has received such positive acclaim given its quirky nature, strong writing, fun characters, dark undertones, and beautiful cinematography (though it’s not cinema, so is it teletography?).

    I must say also that Stanley’s review was crap. She spent six paragraphs describing the plot and characters of the first episode practically verbatim (why even watch the show?) and manages to lampoon Amelie no less than three times in a smarmy and pretentious manner.

    It’s like going to Busch Gardens and saying how much better it is than Disney World; why not just enjoy where you are? Cripes, can’t anyone enjoy anything anymore without criticizing something else in the process?

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