What do you get when you cross a Lisa with an UWS apartment?

Now, I’ve had my fair share of celebrity sightings in New York: Uma Thurman at Bed, Bath & Beyond; Debra Messing in Central Park; Adrian Grenier on the F train; that guy who played Anthony on Sex and the City at the corner of 14th & 6th

But this past weekend there was one of a more foodie variety. (No, not Rachael.)

A former coworker had a former coworker who works at the Times and is moving to Jersey, so none other than Frank Bruni threw him a going away party. Knowing of course that I have decided my life’s purpose is to write about food (fingers crossed no one stumbles upon this in cyberspace and now spits their coffee out all over the screen because they’re laughing so hard…), my former coworker invited me along. (Although he did say to Mr. Bruni — right in front of me! — that I was crashing the party…and Mr. Bruni was very nice and said I was *not* crashing. [My poor little fragile ego…])

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Part of me wondered if he eats out at restaurants all the time, maybe the party spread would be, like, cheese in a can and Chex Mix. (That was really more something I laughed about in my head on the Subway…the whole set-up was very nice. Even though he said he’s a bad host…)

I also really enjoyed the silver-rimmed plastic cups!

I was kind of nervous about the crowd though…I was afraid I’d see somebody like Maureen Dowd and unwittingly say, “Oh, hello…so, what do you do?” But I don’t *think* I embarrassed myself or the guy who brought me. (At least not substantially…)


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