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Alaska is four hours behind New York…and so my mother — who normally can’t stay up very late at all — was suddenly a night owl during her visit last week. As a result, we found ourselves watching late night talk shows (which — sorry to age you, Mama — she hasn’t done since Carson). One of my favorite moments? A Letterman “Fun Fact”: Tom Selleck once tried to capitalize upon his success by opening a bakery called, “Magnum P.I.E.”

(It also made me realize that maybe it would be fun to be a writer on one of those shows…)

My mother *also* finally tried a black and white cookie…but insisted it was more “cakey” than “cookie,” so she left it for me to finish.

And…I had dinner the other night with my mom, aunt and uncle at a joint in my ‘hood. We got a drink around the corner from my apartment first…and they were all very impressed that both places had live music. It was kind of a fluke…but a nice fluke, I guess.

Ooh — and my aunt brought me both a pie clock AND a pie candle.


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