Hello, my faithful readers…

I’m sorry it’s been so long! I have a list of so many things to write about…just as soon as I have a minute to write them down…but I’m afraid that by the time I find myself sitting in front of my computer at 1:00 in the morning, the inspiration is largely gone…or at least my initial enthusiasm has diminished…and I end up writing stupid stuff that I can’t very well post.

I didn’t even *cook* this weekend! I went to a community garden yesterday to write a profile for my feature-writing class…and ended up spending the whole afternoon with the gardeners…and even got roped into participating in a lantern parade to celebrate the Harvest Moon! (…which perhaps destroys my objectivity…so let’s keep that between us, huh? [Ooh — another ethical lapse!]) Then today I went to Staten Island to cover a crime story. It’s all exciting stuff! And I’m glad I’m here! But it means the blog suffers…

*Last* weekend I meant to write about baked potato soup and zucchini bread. I was out Saturday night and noticed it was a little chilly…which I immediately translated into obligation to make baked potato soup…which is my very favorite winter comfort food. (I’m also a fan of my mother’s white chili…but I think baked potato soup wins out in the end.) I also might have mentioned a time or two that my apartment is chaos the vast majority of the time (except Sunday nights because I usually clean on the weekends) and so I *lost* the recipe for this soup…and tried to Google it instead of actually *finding* it…and was really surprised not to come across something similar out there. Alton Brown had something by the same name…but it seemed blander. So I sighed, resigned myself to fate and sifted through the mountains of paper…found the right recipe and was very happy indeed.

I made the zucchini bread as kind of an afterthought — I had everything *but* the zucchini, so why not, you know? And I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I seriously outdid myself. The recipe yields two loaves…and I was joking around with former coworkers — “I may have to leave one loaf on the doorstep, knock and run…” — but I’m blowin‘ through ’em just fine by myself. It’s really, really good. Kind of like the perfect breakfast. Which is a nice complement to the ideal winter comfort food.


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