He Bakes

My friend who looks like Jesus (and who is getting a PhD in Physics and who was *almost* on Beauty and the Geek) has a girlfriend now. He met her in Germany (ironically, she is a youth minister).

And…for her birthday, he decided to give her a taste of home: that is, an authentic Junior’s cheesecake. (Although, ironically again, perhaps, he cannot remember when exactly that birthday is anymore…)

However…I couldn’t be prouder of him as he made it entirely from scratch. He even had to buy a springform pan at a local housewares shop. (I am curious how one would say, “springform pan” in German. Babelfish wasn’t much help…it did, however, tell me that “cheesecake pan” is “käsekuchenwanne.” I spent a *little* time in Germany when I was living in England…and I had an Amazon.com gift certificate to use up, so I ordered a German phrasebook. Of course, the phrasebook didn’t arrive in time for my trip…but Big J and I particularly enjoyed the love and romance section of the book [after I got back] and so I still say it was money well spent.)

I asked Jesus/Physics/Geek to send me the recipe he used…and like a typical mad scientist, he failed to comply. Luckily, however, Good Morning America has the recipe.

I’m not sure about the sponge cake layer though – whatever happened to graham cracker crusts??


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