I kinda wish I had a figurine myself.

So…I had brunch with an old friend this weekend. He happens to be a playwright at heart and we haven’t talked in ages so we had a lot to catch up on – including his latest play.

He said that when he started writing, his boyfriend gave him a Ganesh figurine because Ganesh is the lord of success and the destroyer of obstacles…and he is also worshipped as the god of wisdom and wealth.

…and the mouse at his feet is supposed to be the mind running all over the place?

(I don’t know much about Hinduism…but a quick Google search just now seems to confirm as much…)

Long story short, my friend just had a reading for his new play…so he’s certainly moving right along. And it seems like if I, too, had a Ganesh to watch over me (and destroy my obstacles), perhaps I, too, would find success and wisdom and wealth (or at least just actually be motivated to write on a more regular basis).

Perhaps I’m oversimplifying…and I certainly don’t mean to offend any Hindus…I just thought it was a nice idea, that’s all.


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