It was bound to happen sooner or later…

My classmates decided to have a dinner party of sorts to welcome our professor to New York (and to introduce ourselves to him).

So…there was a sign-up sheet and I opted for dessert (natch).

Last weekend, one of my colleagues took photos of us for a project he’s doing with our favorite objects. (I brought the pie pan I got at the contest…) So…in order to say thanks for taking the photo and for including me, etc., I offered to bake him a pie. He didn’t really know what kind he wanted, so I rattled off a bunch of names and he was curious about peanut butter.

So…that’s what I brought to the gathering. And, you know what? It went over well (even though one of them got squashed on the Subway). And, you know what else? I really like standing in the kitchen and serving. Really gives me a, you know, sense of purpose and all that. And my professor seemed to like it! We even talked about how cooking/baking can have a calming effect…

So…so far, so good, I’d say.


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