I’ve been trying to catch up with my friend Bob…

…who was actually my boss at the Mamas and the Papas musical…

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen him…but he and I used to do brunch all the time (post-Denny, Cass, John and Michelle…).

So…he was one of the people I wrote during my e-mail blitz…

His response?

“Let’s talk next week about where to meet up…John, ‘my beau,’ might come with us to brunch. You’ll like him. Especially since you are Betty Crocker Gal!”

I’m not quite sure what Betty Crocker has to do with it…although, if memory serves, John owns a hot dog stand (perhaps in the LES??) and has been there for years and years…so maybe the hot dog stand has a good dessert menu??


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