It’s been sort of an exhausting couple of weeks…

…which is not to say it hasn’t also been exciting and challenging and all that good stuff…but I *do* have a tendency to get super-nervous…and therefore was looking for a little comfort food (feed a feeling!) when I was ordering groceries this weekend. So…I added Phish Food to my cart. (Fun fact re: Lake Champlain – I’m related to Samuel de Champlain! I proudly declared this to be true during a history lesson in the fourth grade and one of my classmates, Katie Gozzarino, refused to believe me. But, I assure you I wasn’t making it up then…and I’m certainly not fabricating it now.)

But…apparently it is Phish Food’s 10th anniversary and so they have a special “surf ‘n turf” edition and you get fudge COWS in addition to fudge fish. How about that??

Also…I have ordered FreshDirect for Sunday a couple of weeks in a row now…and I can’t help but feel the Saturday night packing team might be a little, well, lax…as this is at least the third time I have had to call customer service because my order was screwed up. Instead of plain ol‘ mozzarella, I received fleur verte.

“Stop your belly-achin‘!” you say. “That’s a far superior cheese!”

And, yes, you may very well be right. However…I had big plans for my mozzarella…and it’s just kind of a pain to have to go all the way to the grocery store when I specifically ordered my groceries so I wouldn’t have to make that trip. (I also had to buy crackers to consume this fancy-pants goat cheese that now belongs to me.)

The same friend who hipped me to the Brooklyn country music festival scene was also planning a party this weekend and wanted help classing up his menu a bit. So…I have a book I thought might help.

Granted, she may not embody “classy” completely and I know a lot of people have issues with her excessive enthusiasm and propensity to shorten words to googly phrases, but she has also written a book on 30-minute meals and so I thought she might have a pointer or two for my friend who maybe didn’t want to go completely overboard in hors d’oeuvres prep. (“She,” of course, being Rachael Ray.)

I found a couple: sun-dried tomato dip with chips and veggies; grilled polenta crackers with roasted red pepper salsa; and lavash pizzas with smoked cheese and ham. (I tried to find these recipes online, but failed. Guess you have to reference Classic 30-Minute Meals…)

He didn’t really listen to me though…I think he bought tortilla chips.

It wasn’t a total loss though! I found a pasta recipe – Bucatini all’Amatriciana – and an ol‘ favorite, spinach artichoke calzones, that I will make at *some* point today…

Yum-o? Evoo? How cool is that?


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