Want to hear something crazy??

We had a lecture this AM on reporting on race and class…and to start things off, we had to partner up and we were given a list of questions for a “silent interview.” In other words, there were questions about where the person came from, what ethnic group he or she identifies with, what books they read, what they do in their spare time, etc. And we had to answer just by looking at the other person…and then we showed them what we thought about them and they told us if we were right or wrong.

So…a whole heck of a lot of the students are *pretty* liberal and like to read and write…so those answers were all pretty much the same across the board. But! Guess what my partner said about me in the spare time question?? Just by looking at me, she said she thought that I like to read and BAKE.

Can you believe it??

(My apologies to Pickle Hater…who may have received this, well, verbatim earlier today…)


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