Google Knew!

So…things have been a little floopy lately as I transition from one phase of my life to another…and I’ve been more apt to freak out than usual simply because there’s more stuff to freak out about right this red, hot minute. And my real honest-to-God schedule doesn’t kick in until the week after next, so everything’s been all over the map and I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and bake or blog…or even e-mail for that matter (which is unheard of for me).

However…this weekend I’m trying to catch up a little…and since baking is one of the few things that can really calm me, I decided I had to make something or risk being a huge neurotic mess indefinitely.

Coincidentally, I’ve been introducing myself to a lot of people lately and I’ve been making small talk with a lot of people lately…and since we’re all writers, the question inevitably arises about what exactly we want to write about when all is said and done. And this means I’ve been talking about baking and food writing a lot lately…and people usually ask if there’s anything in particular that I like to bake…and so I usually say pie (and sometimes I also mention the contest and the blog…but not always).

So…since I’ve been talking about pies so much lately, I felt compelled to bake one of the apple variety this weekend. And when I checked my e-mail today lo and behold there was a sponsored link that said: “Funny Quote of the Day – Carl Sagan‘In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.'”

(This is what Google knew…)

My pie is in the oven now…and I have to admit I feel immensely calmer. Something about all the slicing (I used an apple corer in combination with Feemster’s famous slicer for the first time…and totally could have gotten away without using a knife at all had one of the apples not been a bit lopsided, causing the corer to cut it funny…and there were some seeds and stuff on some of the pieces) and measuring and creating always makes me feel better…I should remember this when everything feels daunting and impossible. I made chocolate chip cookies last weekend…which I suppose also had the desired affect. (Chocolate chip cookies are sort of the original Lisa baked good – I’ve been making those since I was a kid. Although the problem with them is that they’re never as good as they are on the first day – even if you microwave them. So I find myself gorging myself on them on the first day…simply because I know they’ll never be the same.)

I also finally used up a jar of cinnamon I’ve had forever…(which I think is actually ever since I moved to New York and was living in my old apartment), I was working at the Mamas and the Papas musical at the time along with my roommate…and remember baking a pie once to take to one of the shows. My roommate hated cinnamon…so I literally had to say, “Of course I won’t put any cinnamon in it!” and then sprinkle like mad when he wasn’t looking. So…that jar served me well. (And luckily I had a spare around the house!)

Fast forward four years…and my apartment smells so nice right now! But I don’t really know what to do with this pie though. I *suppose* I can always wolf it down myself in moments of crisis and self-doubt this week…but I do kind of miss conjuring up any ol’ excuse to make something and bring it to work the next day. I’m sure my classmates would also be appreciative…but somehow it feels different – almost brown-nosey – to bring in baked goods to class.


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