From the NYT profile on Serena Williams this weekend, Dangerous When Interested:

“‘Do you know Sprinkles?’ she asked. ‘It’s a cupcake place. I don’t go there anymore.’ A brief, wistful silence. ‘I had to cut Sprinkles out of my life.’ She no longer sounded like the hard-driving champion convinced she could have taken Wimbledon; she sounded like any other woman struggling with the tedium of trying to stay fit.”

New York, too, is a cupcake town (as Sex in the City proudly declared once upon a time).

There’s one bakery in Brooklyn, however, that I’m not so sure about. I walked past it today on Atlantic Avenue and there’s a huge sign in the window that still smugly proclaims, “You know you want one.”

Underneath the sign are enormous cupcakes that seem to dwarf those found at Magnolia and sugar Sweet sunshine. I was walking by this very storefront last summer when a friend and I agreed it was right and we couldn‘t resist temptation and so we each picked our poison (although we didn’t quite fancy ourselves Carrie and Miranda…).

Inside we found another sign that said Derek Jeter ordered his birthday cake there. (I remember he dated Mariah Carey for a brief, shining moment way back when…and even though I’m sure they both moved on to bigger and better things long ago…I still permanently associate them with each other.)

So…my friend and I had high expectations…and the cake itself was fine, I suppose…but the frosting tasted like butter. I haven’t been back since, so I don’t know if we just got a bum batch…and I certainly don’t have anything against butter itself…but frosting, you know, usually has a little more oomph (or at least a little sugar…).

So…based upon that one experience, I don’t know what Derek was thinking. Unless he just really likes butter.


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  1. Boz

    Stop slacking and update your blog. You’re out of work, write something! 🙂

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