4th Annual Brooklyn Pie Social??

I remember hearing about a pie contest in Dumbo just a *little* too late last year. It was very close to my birthday (which is next month, for those of you keeping score)…so I tried to do a little research this afternoon as to when I can register for the pie contest this year…

It turns out the Brooklyn Pie Social is sponsored by Bubby’s Pie Co. Restaurant, but there isn’t anything on Bubby’s website about another Pie Social this year…and this worries me a little bit.

And a Google search just pulls up entry forms from prior years.

So…I will e-mail owner and chef Ron Silver ad let you know what he says. I hope they’re still doing it! My friends wouldn’t have any excuse not to come out and support me at this one! And…if prior years are any indication, you get a lot of tasting tickets just for entering! I can’t possibly eat it all by myself!

And, aww…it’s not competitive. From last year’s application: “Your entry fee and homemade pie entitle you to 5 free tasting tickets (you can share them) and a big blue ribbon. This is a social, not a contest, and we want to encourage all kinds of baking efforts, foster community, and celebrate pie in all its varied glory.”

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy called the social two years ago a “unique event that celebrates the park, pies and Brooklyn.”

I would love to celebrate all three…so I hope Bubby’s is doing it again this year!


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One response to “4th Annual Brooklyn Pie Social??

  1. Ron Silver

    Hi… This is Chef Ron from Bubby’s. We are having our 4th annual pie social on Sunday September 29th. Noon to 3. We’re slow getting our act together because we have a super sweet new book: Bubby’s Homemade Pies, just out. Plus, my wife Melissa is 2 seconds from having a baby. Consider this official. We will be doing the social this year at the same time as the DUMBO art fest. I heard there will be actual elephants there painting! Feel free to email me with questions: ron@bubbys.com

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