Re: the whole Iowa State Fair Business…

I remembered something that might tip the scales in Iowa’s favor. (Although I still think Alaska deserves credit for its enormous vegetables.)

However…indulge me in a little background info for a moment: there was an episode of Friends once in which Alec Baldwin was a guest star. He played Phoebe‘s boyfriend and he was incredibly enthusiastic…which is part of the reason she was drawn to him. The rest of the gang, however, found his zest for life a little over the top and they finally told her so at a big party. But, when they confronted her, she was a little off-put because she had been so supportive of all their previous romantic endeavors and so, in the middle of her long-winded speech, she said, “Your collective dating history reads like a who’s who of human crap.”

And the thing is that Phoebe totally could have been talking to me, too.

Sometimes I joke that I am going to move to Des Moines because it seems like it would be so different than New York and perhaps I would fit in better there. So it kind of became an ongoing joke – whenever anything went wrong, I’d say, “I’m going to move to Des Moines.”

And then I actually met someone from Des Moines and I don’t think she actually knew about my pretend desire to move to her hometown…but she DID know about the baking and I distinctly remember her telling me that men in Iowa love pies and I would be very popular there. Or maybe it was that pies were a big deal at the state fair…but…regardless, things were looking positive for me in Iowa.

As you can see, it’s too late for me this year…but perhaps next year? Then I can see the Butter Cow and try those corn dogs for myself.


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