If only we were all so lucky…

Gawker says: “Restaurant Girl” Claws Her Way From Blogger to Food Critic

I am not familiar with Restaurant Girl, but it looks like the girl behind it just went from food blogger to food critic for the Daily News.

So…I just perused her site now…and do you want to hear something completely weird and freaky?? Check out the her post on BLT Market and then prepare to marvel at the uncanny: I totally walked by that BLT place today on my way to the park. I *remember* because I was being all white trash and stuff and initially thought it was a nod to the traditional bacon, lettuce tomato…and when I read “Bistro Laurent Tourondel” underneath, I felt a little sheepish. Regardless…what are the odds that I would walk by this very restaurant today and have an entire monologue in my head about it…and then see a blurb about a girl who I think has just procured the most perfect job ever…and who just so happens to be all bloggy and stuff?? And, yes, perhaps her blog is ever-so-slightly more of a big deal than mine. BUT, per Gawker, she’s only been blogging about a year longer than me…so just imagine where I will be in August of 2008!

So…I gotta give Danyelle Freeman props.

But…Gawker’s sources are right and she can’t write and “she’s oft-photographed and therefore never incognito,” I would like to point out to the Daily News (which I have cited here numerous times) that no one has any idea who I am…and, if one of my most frequent commenters is right, I may *actually* be able to write my way out of a paper bag.


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