I was perusing the Time Out New York website…

…partially because I’m about to have three days with absolutely nothing in the world to do other than getting ready for classes to start…

…and partially because my horoscope in the Daily News seemed to think it was a good idea:

Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

There’s a golden opportunity this weekend, Libra, to please nobody but you. Although focusing on only you can be a challenging thing for a Libran, it will be time well spent. Furthermore, it’s an astro-time where you can’t do anything wrong. However, if you intend to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone special, be smart about it and have the facts at your fingertips before opening the discussion.

And on the TONY website, I happened to come upon an interview with Adrian Grenier. This captured my attention as I saw Mr. Grenier on the F train once and feel like he and I have a special bond now. (I also thought it was fitting that the interview apparently ran in the Singles Issue that horrified me so much earlier this year with the photo of the woman holding up an obese cat on the cover with the headline “Why You’re Still Single.”)

I should admit that I’m painfully behind the times when it comes to popular culture – I didn’t see a single episode of Sex and the City until long after it went off the air – and then only thanks to Netflix. Similarly, while I may have *heard* of Entourage, I certainly had no idea what it was when I saw Mr. Grenier on the train…and I had trouble placing him at first…until finally it hit me: he was Melissa Joan Hart‘s inadvertent love interest in that movie in which she needed a date to the prom. It wasn’t until I arrived at brunch and excitedly told my far more culturally attuned friend of my sighting and she exclaimed, “Adrian Grenier??” that I realized that my sighting was perhaps more of a big deal than I thought it was. (It is her birthday on Tuesday…so…best wishes, m’dear!)

Long story short (and here’s the food tie-in), it turns out ol‘ Adrian likes to cook. But his response to TONY’s statement, “We understand that cooking is one of your hobbies…” is a little strange. I can’t tell if he’s just trying a little too hard to sound deep and meaningful…or if he really has a transcendental relationship with food:

“I’ll go to the supermarket and sort of get the vibe…It’s sort of a clairvoyant thing. I’ll walk into the store, close my eyes, and see what the store is telling me…”


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