A Pie in my Purse

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about yesterday’s Subway chaos. I heard them say on the radio that commuters should allow a little extra time to get to work…but I didn’t realize that meant I’d be two and a half hours late. I eventually lost count of all the F trains that showed up at my stop but were so full that no one could get on. It was just one after another…after another…

It also happened to be Peanut Butter Pie Day and so I was sweating like a stuffed pig on the Subway platform, holding a pie…and eventually it became clear that there was not going to be room on a train for me, my oversized purse and a pie. So…long story short, I ended up tossing the pie (which was wrapped in cellophane and a plastic bag) into my oversized purse and crossing my fingers that it would not leak (see my entry on my Top 10 Baking Crises for more on leaking baked goods on mass transit) before finally forcing my way on to a train.

The peanut butter insides sort of shifted to one side…but that was really the only damage and I was able to even it out again with a little spoon handiwork before serving it up.

As soon as the pie was gone, I washed out the pan and tossed it back to my purse. I was meeting a colleague at a bar after work and had to show some ID at the door (my new Alaska ID!), but I couldn’t find my wallet and so I was digging around for awhile before I finally pulled out my pie pan and the bouncer laughed at me. I guess most of the girls in Kips Bay don’t bring Pyrex with them…


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