My landlord is coming to fix a leak tomorrow…

…which means I actually have to do the dishes tonight (I made two pies and a flourless chocolate cake [the one that miraculously doubled in size], for those of you keeping score). I NEVER do the dishes during the week. It’s completely disgusting and I hate myself a little bit for it…but it’s one of the perks of having my own place, I suppose.

However…I worry that if my landlord saw the state of my “kitchen” after one of my baking binges, he would be completely revolted and I would get evicted for being unkempt and slovenly. And then where would Fatty and I go?? (Speaking of which…look! Another fat cat story!)

So…I must go roll up my sleeves and tidy up…

I can’t wait for the phase in my life when I have a dishwasher and a self-cleaning oven.


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