We have a new guy in charge of making sure the fridges are cleaned out at work…

(Aww…”work” won’t be “work” for much longer!)

He’s a very creative son of a gun and has been sending out elaborate e-mails about cleaning the fridges. In last week’s episode, I made my first appearance in the ongoing fridge-cleaning saga.

An excerpt:

“Radio Blaring:
‘We can have a shake and bake-off
You wanna mess with me chumps
You’ll get a pie in the face
And a cake in the rump

I’m a freestyle king…
A champ,
I bake for the FCB, so stand back….’

A gangsta turned freedom fighter was cruising along in her Fridgemobile H50, listening to the latest pro-rebellion song by Lisa Lacy and the Lacettes, planning her next move… “

Of the song, Garbotron says: “I had this entire sketch for you as a princess in la la land who didn’t care about the rebellion…but the more I thought about it, the more LL, Gangsta rappa felt better.”


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