The case of the disappearing pasta recipe…

Last summer, I found a really incredible pasta recipe in Gourmet and I made it and it was just perfect: it had everything I could possibly want in a pasta (tomatoes, garlic, capers, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, feta…) and it was super-easy (you just chopped everything up and let it sit for a bit and then threw it all in with pasta). I brought it in to work (okay, okay…no aww this time…) and got a lot of compliments from the people sitting around me who could smell it and wanted to know what it was.

But, tragically, when I went back to the magazine to find the recipe again, I, well, couldn’t. I searched for it on Epicurious…no dice. So I just sort of resolved to never make this pasta again.

But I think enough time has passed now that I have healed from the wound of the lost pasta and I am ready to try something similar again.

This one sounds pretty good – – so wish me luck!


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