I finally saw an episode of Top Chef…

…which must have been really old because I don’t get Bravo and I don’t recognize any of the chefs on the website from the episode I saw the other night…(but now that The Next Food Network Star is over and done with, I suppose I need something to fill the reality food TV void…)

I was kind of tickled because I have a friend who cannot cook to save his life and who I tease mercilessly about eating pasta from a bag (I’ve offered to broaden his horizons but have been summarily rebuffed!)…and the challenge for the particular chefs in the episode that I watched was actually recreating a Bertolli frozen dinner which is, in essence, one of those bagged pastas that he makes! (I really had to fight the urge to call him and say, “Omigosh – turn on your TV right now!”)


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